5 Must-Have Apps to Download Before Traveling to the USA

Traveling to the USA for the first time is an exciting experience. With a lot of ground to cover, a road trip around the beautiful country can only be done smoothly when you hire a vehicle. However with all the arrangements down, your passport packed, your credit card accounted for and your phone on your hand, additional planning tools are necessary. In this case, here are five must-have apps to download before traveling to the U.S.

  1. Google Maps

Google maps are applicable all over the world. With a new territory to journey to, it’s a must-have for drivers as it lets you filter directions to your desired destination. It is extremely handy as even when you are offline and do not wish to be charged roaming charges, you can easily save locations offline and use when needed.

  1. Hotels.com App

When you hire a vehicle and drive across country, it’s obvious that you will eventually get fatigued and need to rest. Hotels.com will guide you to the nearest hotel in the nearest town. Free to download and install, it lets you reserve hotels and save up to 50%. With a listing of over 100,000 properties, the best part is that the more you use it, the more your chances of winning a free night increase.

  1. Foodspotting

If you are on a budget and hire a vehicle, getting cheap, tasty food on the go will most likely make you a guru in saving money. Foodspotting is the perfect app to download before traveling to the USA. With users sharing their most memorable dining experience, the app has a compiled list of where to get good food.

  1. DealNews

Coupons are a great way to shop, as it saves you money. Deals, on the other hand, ensure that your road trip is not money constricted. Dealnews offers exactly this. It not only offers the best deals and local coupons available in the area you will visit, but it also scans and eliminates all fake deals and scams.

  1. Pano

Traveling means making memories, and there is no better way to document memories than by taking photos. Pano app lets you take the best panoramic photos, making the images come alive. This makes it a must-have app to download before traveling.

When embarking on the adventure of touring the USA, having these easy to use Apps ensure a wonderful experience. However, a bonus app to consider downloading is Google translates. This is in the event you come from a non-English speaking country.